Supergroup Vol.4 – release date 23 nov 2018

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Head On Wrong – Supergroup Vol.4 / Micropal Records / Broken Silence /  Vinyl-Album.

Long drawn out harmonies, bold beats and rhythms, themes of death, broken love stories, combined with twisted minds, social drop-outs. There is a passion, realistic, honest raw truth that cannot be denied – yes, they do have their heads on wrong (3rd song). This is not a conventional album designed to sing along too. Its haunting sounds are a ruthless reflection on our society.

The overall concept of this record is honest, simple and raw, something the creators have managed to capture beautifully from the mix to the sleeve, not every devils taste! – Sue Rose



Rivers And Mountains – Shiny Gnomes

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Shiny Gnomes – Searchin’ For Capitola

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Out on 17 Nov 20017.

The 11th album of Shiny Gnomes – and the psych-rockers from Nuremberg have redefined themselves again!

Ten songs were recorded in a relaxed, creative atmosphere by Frank Mollena (Bambi Davidson, Missouri) at the Nuremberg LoneStar studio.

As always, Psychedelia is the link, but the variety of styles is amazing – whether Power- Pop, Americana, Prog-bonds, Folk and Surf-beats or even mindblowin’ Funk…

But it is less about styles than about an emotional songwriting, between reality and fiction:
“Feel like starting again”, almost programmatically, like an anthem, always increasing … “Grimmer Days”, pure Americana with comment on the situation based on Jerry

Garcia …
“Capital of Sky”, which, after a slow dreamy intro, catapults itself into the highest spheres …
“Rivers and Mountains”, from a spacy waltz to the holy Rock final ….

Thus, the band fills all the songs with changing sounds and playing styles and ensure the highest variety and complexity. Music you can dream and dance to.

Dorit Lacusteanu uses her drums sometimes heavy, sometimes almost stroking – Andreas Rösel with his bass lines is the driving force and an anchor at the same time – Gazi on the keyboards performs one magical sound color after the next from his keys – and Limo finally uses acoustic guitar next to electric guitar while his singing hovers above the sounds as always.

The best album of Shiny Gnomes for over 20 years!

With kind support of Carter Cain at Pedal Steel Guitar and Frank Mollena at Synth and Drum-Box.



Shiny Gnomes – Searchin’ For Capitola

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Coming Soon!!!

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shiny coming soon







Roll over Bellhofen 2017

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Roll over Bellhofen 2017

Secret Santa – Supergroup Vol.4

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Supergroup Vol.4 veröffentlichen einen neuen Song: Secret Santa. Die erste Singleauskopplung aus dem kommenden Album Supergroup Vol.4! Mit dabei am Cello: Ladis Cinzek. Die denkwürdige Geschichte eines einsamen Menschen dem beim Wichteln nur die Feuerzangenbowle Trost spendet. Ein tolles Weihnachtsgeschenk!

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Roll Over Bellhofen 2015

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Cosmokiosk legen nach

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Cosmokiosk legen nach – mit “When the sound comes closer” und “Wir lassen von uns hören” haben Cosmokiosk zwei Meilensteine ihrer Bandgeschichte gelegt.
Nun holt die Band zu einem gewagten Doppelschlag aus. Vergangenheit und Gegenwart verschmelzen zu einer ungeahnten Zukunft.
Unter dem Arbeitstitel “Allein auf weiter Flur” wird aktuell der dritte Longplayer produziert – musikalisch rauher als sein Vorgänger liegen die Referenzen weniger im Deutsch-Pop, sondern weisen über den großen Teich. Damit nicht genug – oder doch?
Andi (Schlagzeug) und Frank (Bass) haben sich neuen Projekten gewidmet so das Cosmokiosk nun durch Ricard am Schlagzeug ergänzt werden.
Der Schaffenskraft hat dies keinen Anbruch getan.
Der neue Longplayer ist in Arbeit – eine Rückkopplung zu “When the sound comes closer“.
Und so bleiben Cosmokiosk ein Mysterium, so scheinbar einfach und doch so schwer zu durchschauen, so schwer zu fassen.
Wer große Show erwartet, ist hier falsch – wer gute Musik hören will, umso richtiger. So war es, so ist und so wird es bleiben!