Cisco Pikes – Scummy in the Summer

The summer digs in its claws and starts to burn, bearing its delicious fangs toward the beaches (and sons thereof) whilst down in the sewer the days are filled with glory and sticky waste.

If you’ve got 5 minutes (and even if you don’t!) check out this latest waxing.

by ‚purveyors of sleaze-pop‘ 

The Cisco Pikes.

They came, they saw, they came again!

It’s filthy, hot and dirty

it’s cherry lipstick on a stick

it’s mighty hard and perty

it’s bubblegum pop stuck to the soul of your worn out baseball boots…

it’s scummy in the summer

(inhale deeply for *minutes, then rest and repeat.)

Listen here: 

Cisco PikesScummy in the Summer: